My DNA is composed of BD, hacker and cooker. Being a python/node.js programmer, I love to create tools to enhance the efficiency of myself and my jobs. Besides, I love to be a diverse person. Photographing and traveling are my favorite hobbies now. Things like cooking, cleaning house or riding a bicycle are really helpful in releasing the power of creativity.

Paul Grahm is my idol. His philosophy in hacking and entrepreneurship are both my favourite reading materials. I’m also working hard on creating my own philosophy for startup and building the connections between Taiwan and Silicon Valley now.

To contact me, please mail to ofafa.hsueh+contact [at] gmail.com


  • Data Engineer @育生堂中藥房
  • Business Lead @ Installments inc. (2015.5-2016.3)
  • Project Lead/Cyber Security Researcher (2014.11-2015.3)
  • COO @ Sharelike Ltd.(2014.6-2014.10)
  • MS @ NTUEE(2010-2012)
  • BS @ NTUEE(2006-2010)

For more information, please refer to my LinkedIn profile.

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